What We Do

Crik Pharmaceuticals is a highly innovation-driven global pharmaceutical company. Our health and medical specialists have vast experience of over a decade and in-depth knowledge to facilitate new drug discoveries for the evolving health needs of the people.

As per a report by Forbes – prescription drug costs have risen exponentially, approximately by 33% in the past few years. Crik Pharmaceuticals aims to develop certified, novel treatment drugs that are affordable and can be accessed easily for improving the quality of life of the common man and increasing the overall life expectancy of society. We do this by following a very streamlined and agile protocol for drug development as per the specific requirements of our clients and in strict adherence with standard guidelines by the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

We stand out as a drug development and manufacturing leader in a highly competitive niche owing to our dedicated team of specialists, agile operations, and company values. We are capable of scaling the production of medicines ranging from life-saving to over-the-counter drugs for our clients who are primarily, hospitals and distributors.Crik Pharmaceuticals aims to create solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

Our Highlights

Innovative and Affordable Medicines

Science and Innovation

We blend science and innovation to bring you high-end medicines that cater to the evolving medical needs of the growing population.

Experienced Medical Specialists

Our team of medical specialists includes highly qualified scientists, pharmacists, and advanced technology experts with vast scientific and practical knowledge in the field of drug discovery and development.


We aim to develop and distribute drugs that are easily accessible and affordable to the common man. Crik Pharmaceuticals strives to provide the best health solutions for the greater good of mankind and enhance the quality of life.

Trusted and Top-Quality medicines

Crik Pharmaceuticals ensures the development of quality drugs that work effectively against the respective medical conditions. These drugs are developed after rigorous and thorough clinical research and trial procedures recommended by cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organization), USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), and WTO (World Trade Organization).

Expedite Drug Delivery

With the growing and evolving needs of the population, scaling drug innovation and agile development protocols to deliver faster and better is a goal Crik Pharmaceuticals is committed to achieving consistently. We endeavor to expedite the entire process of research and development to add value to the solutions for our end customers.

Partnership with The World Trade Hub

Crik Pharmaceuticals is a partner to The World Trade Hub that facilitates international trades. We have collaborated with The World Trade Hub to provide effective drug solutions at affordable rates in the global market, thus, enabling us to create a larger impact in the world of medicines.